Our Ambassadors

We are proud to introduce the Chiam See Tong Sports Fund Ambassador Programme called “Believe in Sports”.

This programme aims to inspire youths through the sporting achievements of our programme ambassadors. Through this programme, we are able to establish meaningful channels of communication between our young beneficiaries and their athletes, many of who are sporting heroes and heroines in their own right.

Ng Han Bin


Sporting Achievement

  • 2018/2019 ASEAN Basketball League – Finalist
  • 2016/2017 ASEAN Basketball League – Finalist
  • 2015/2016 ASEAN Basketball League – Finalist
  • 2015 SEA Games – Bronze
  • 2015 SEABA Championship – Bronze
  • 2014 SEABA Cup – Gold
  • 2013 SEA Games – Bronze
  • 2013 SEABA Championship – Bronze

Hanbin’s thoughts

Sports made me. Discipline learnt through the sport taught me about hard work before glory. The countless setbacks through the year educated me on the importance of putting things in the right perspectives in life. Most importantly, sports enlightened me that the meaning of life is how we use our limited time to make a positive difference in someone else’s life.

Kerstin Ong


Sporting Achievement

  • 12th in Southeast Asia, 2nd in Singapore, 5th all-time best in Singapore
  • 5th in ASEAN University Games 12th in Asian Athletics Championship
  • Asian Youth Games
  • SEA Youth

Kerstin’s thoughts

I love how sports gives me transferable skills to things outside sports. For example, i’ve learnt to be outspoken, driven and a go-getter. If I want to excel in my career, I will take steps to improve myself to reach there. Just like in sports, if i want to run faster, hurdle better, i train and train and train. I have become a confident and resourceful person because of sports.

Kiat Xuan


Sporting Achievement

  • 2019 Australian Nationals – Modern Pentathlon, 3rd Position (Senior)
  • 2019 Liberty Insurance 50th Singapore National Age Group Swimming Championships 2019, 200m Free (2.09.21 sec)
  • 2019 Neo Garden 15th Singapore National Swimming Championships 2019 – 200m Free (2.09.82 sec) – 50m Free (25.16sec) B-Finalist (Top 16) out of 210 swimmers
  • 2019 Namsai Beach Laser Run & Triathle Championship 2019 – Mixed Relay (Laser Run) • 4th Position out of 12th Teams (Senior)
  • 2019 Namsai Beach Laser Run & Triathle Championship 2019 – Mixed Relay (Swim Laser Run) • 4th Position out of 12th Teams (Senior)
  • 2019 Namsai Beach Laser Run & Triathle Championship 2019 – Men Individual (Swim Laser Run) • 7th Position out of 16th Position (Senior)
  • 2019 SIMPA Triathle SEA Games 2019 Open Selection – Men Individual (Swim Laser Run) – 3rd Position out of 8th Position (Senior)
  • 2019 SIMPA SEA Games 2019 Final Selection – Men Individual (Laser Run) – 3rd Position out of 5th Position (Senior)
  • 2019 FINA WORLD CUP 2019 – SINGAPORE LEG – 200m Free (2.08.21 sec) – 100m Free (57.75 sec) – 50m Free (25.15 sec)

Kiat Xuan’s thoughts

Sport has always been a medium where we can learn life skills and acquire values in life that shape who we are. It is through all these hardships and sacrifices that were learned along the way that had shaped who I am. It is the setback and the rough journey in sports that went through, taught me so much. It is precisely what I learn in sport to pick myself back up to continue what I believe for the love of sport. Indeed sports have been the only medium that is able to teach me and allow me to grow without grumbling as I do the things I love with a passion for it.

Matthew Yap


Sport Achievement

  • Singapore Powerlifting Open 2014 – Silver
  • Singapore Powerlifting Open 2015 – Silver
  • Singapore Powerlifting Open 2016 – Gold (with 9 national records)
  • IPF Asia & Oceania Championships 2016 – 4 Gold (with 4 Asian records and 7 national records)
  • Singapore Powerlifting Open 2017 – Gold (with 5 national records)
  • IPF World Classic Championships 2017 – 1 Gold, 1 Silver 1 Bronze (with 1 World record, 1 Asian record and 4 national records)
  • IPF Asian Championships 2017 – 4 Gold (with 3 World records, 6 Asian records and 10 national records)
  • Singapore Powerlifting Invitational 2019 – Gold (with 2 national records)
  • IPF Asian Championships 2018 – 2 Golds, 1 Silver 1 Bronze (with 1 Asian record and 4 national records)

Total: 41 national records, 12 Asian records and 4 world records 3x Asian Champion (2016, 2017 & 2018) World Silver Medallist (2017)

Matthew’s thoughts

I started Powerlifting at the age of 14 and never looked back since. 7 years of being in the sport has taught me a lot. From giving me confidence to making friends for life. I dare to say now that if I put effort and sacrifice into something, that I would be good at it. Sports has given me so much from giving me a purpose to instilling values in me. It also taught me that everyone can be the best, in one way or another.

Matthias Yap


Sport Achievement

  • SG52 National Bench Press Championships and Asian Qualifiers 2017 – 1st Place
  • IPF Asian Championships 2017 – 3 Sliver, 1 Bronze.
  • Singapore Powerlifting Invitationals 2018 – Gold (with 2 National Records)
  • IPF Asian Championships 2018 – 4 Golds

Total: 2 National Records 1x Asian Silver Medalist (2017) 1x Asian Champion (2018)

Matthias’s thoughts

Being an athlete in a competitive sport has left a positive impact in me. It has taught me to be a more disciplined, resilient & confident person in life which values are essential in whichever goal I set out to accomplish. The values that will stick with me for the rest of my life.

Siti Nurhaliza


Sport Achievement

  • 2019 Republic Polytechnic Meritorious
    Gold Award
  • 2019 World Floorball Championship Qualifiers – 4th place
  • 2018 Republic Polytechnic Meritorious
    Silver Award

Nurhaliza’s thoughts

Floorball has impacted my life in many ways. These sports help shape my character and the values I learned are applicable in my daily life. Through this sport, I believe that a strong mindset will get you anywhere and anything you would want to achieve. Just like in the game, we have wins and losses in life too which makes me appreciate every moment be it good or bad. Floorball has helped me to better manage my emotions well especially when things get tough. I have also built new friendships through this sport and without these people, I would not be where I am today.

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